School & Nursery Programs


Primary Schools:

Zumba Kids

A totally awesome dance class where children can learn all styles including; Pop, Character, Street, Musical Theatre, Latin, Salsa, Reggaeton and MORE! Learn skilled activities through dancing with a huge range of props including; Plate Spinning, Hula Hooping, rhythmic Ribbons, Baton Twirling, Juggling and Circus Tricks!

Street Dance

A super cool dance class where children will learn all elements of Street Dance including; Street, Urban, Hip Hop, break dancing, Funk, electric, Popping, Locking, Freeze and MORE! This funky dance class is enjoyable for both boys and girls and will have your child dancing the whole way home!

Boogie Ballet

A unique and energetic dance class based on classical ballet but fused with lyrical, modern, acrobatics and character dance to create a ballet program with a modern twist

Fantastic Gymnastics

An active and inclusive gymnastics club, where children will be learning dance-based gymnastics routines and improving a wide variety of physical skills and moves. No more waiting in line to do a forward roll, this club will guarantee your child participating, enjoying and learning from start to finish.

Wake Up Shake Up

An energetic and active dance class to start the day in the best way…. Dancing! This class combines elements of all our programs and children will learn routines in a variety of styles including; Street Dance, Zumba, Gymnastics, Ballet, Pop, lyrical and Character to name just a few! Children will also experience dance and prop-based activities and games to engage the mind and the body, setting them up for the rest of the day and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nurseries and pre-schools:

Zumba Kids

An energetic and engaging dance class which will lead children through a series of easy to follow dance routines with catchy moves and to songs they will love. The class also incorporates action songs to improve confidence and co-ordination as well as a variety of musical instruments and prop activities to help children with physicality, musicality, rhythm and motor skills. This is a class the children in your nursery will look forward to all week!

Boogie Ballet

A class based on classical ballet bud fused with modern, character and lyrical so it can be enjoyed by both boys and girls of nursery and pre-school age. Thisclass will teach a variety of ballet-based routines as well as ballet exercises and basic steps. Combined with games and activities to help with strength, speed co-ordination, discipline and movement skills.

Music & Movement

A combination of all our dancing and singing elements put together in a fun and active class where children will learn dance routines, sing songs, play musical instruments and experience prop activities and games.

Baby sing along

A class for the younger members of your nursery where little ones will be introduced to lots of fun and catchy action songs as well as instrument songs and prop activities. The children love being exposed to music that the can recognise follow and get to learn and is a huge benefit to start improving musicality and movement skills early on. A really fun session in your nursery for children and staff alike!

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